What they say about us

After the first 10 sessions, I pleasantly remember the 7Kg I lost and every time the technical manager informed me about my body measurements, I couldn’t believe it! I felt satisfied and motivated to continue, I was initially very skeptical. Now I do not remember all the measures, but I was impressed about those 6 cm I lost in the abdomen! (and these were only the first 6!) I saw the early improvements after only the first 3-4 sessions, I verified the first results on the scale in my house and immediately I started feeling good, both physically and morally. Thanks to that angel (the VIP Center Minusio collaborator) who I met one day in September at the market, who stopped me and gave me information about their center, my life has changed! The strongest improvement has been not only the extraordinary result on my abdomen and less centimeters on the hips, but the big improvement for my self-esteem and my mood! Thanks.


Stefania, Minusio VIP Center customer

The Vip Center in Pesaro, personalized and effective treatments, professional staff, attention and sensibility is the precious guide of Sabrina: a real salon of well-being, right atmosphere and right treatments.

Silvia Melini, Pesaro VIP Center Customer

I must say….I’m fully satisfied. Thanks to the professionalism of the staff, it was not a too arduous activity. Of course, you have to engage yourself, but promises are kept…if you’re honest with yourself and determined to achieve YOUR goal. THANK YOU.

Caterina Crespan, Treviso VIP Center Customer

The VIP Center Method is the only one in the field of localized weight loss, especially for the results scientifically obtained. Toning, for example, occurs only by increasing workloads, and the VIP Center metabolism accelerators are doing exactly this. Furthermore, if combined with a light physical exercise, they allow to burn fat, since a consistent demand for energy is necessary. Cellulite is reduced by working on the areas where it is present and by reducing some trigger factors such as: water retention, stress and circulatory problems. With our method you can get all this. People who come to the VIP Center can expect a lot of professionalism, a technical, motivational and psychophysical support and above all fast results. The results are quick and localized because the use of accelerators, which are part of the method, and the performance of a cardiovascular activity ensure an acceleration of cellular exchanges and microcirculation that cause the increase of metabolism. According to scientists, the localized weight loss does not exist but the VIP Centers do it every day, measuring it with scientific instruments such as caliper, adipometer, impedance transducer, and not only with scale and centimeter.

Luca Frasca, Eurofit Technical Director