We evaluate your initial well-being by the body evaluation

valutazionecorporeaThe treatments’ planning is done through a careful and personalized body evaluation in order to determine how to act in specific areas of the body.
The evaluation is done with state-of-the-art scientific and technical instruments and is repeated every ten sessions to check the improvements obtained. In this way the person is constantly followed during the treatments and quickly reaches the desired results. Specifically, the evaluation is the measurement of localized adiposity (caliper
Instrument capable of measuring the thickness of the epidermis, consisting of the skin fold and of the fat contained in it. The comparison, over time, of the measurements, allows to underline the difference of the thickness and then the improvements that take place thanks to the treatments.
and adipometer
One-dimensional ultrasound system which uses the ultrasound technology and is perfectly capable of measuring the fat thickness in a single point and therefore allows the measurement in a localized way. This is a tool that guarantees a perfect repeatability of the measurement because is not influenced by external mechanical and hydration factors.
), of the tendency to accumulate fat mass or lean body mass through the Sheldon Somatotype (bone
A tool that allows to give the correct expectations of the results by measuring the arm and the contracted calf muscles.
), of the stage of cellulite (telethermograph
An essential tool for the detection and classification of the stage of cellulite. The telethermography is based on the use of E.L.C. plates (micro-encapsulated liquid crystals), which change color with temperature variations. The presence and stage of cellulite is highlighted on the plate by the color and by the image composition. The plate is read by an experienced operator in order to proceed with the planning of the most suitable treatments.
), of the equilibrium state of intra and extra cellular water and of the basal metabolism (BIA
An instrument that establishes the state of health of a subject, in particular the state of moisturizing using a body impedance measurement and the calculation of intra and extra cellular components of water, of lean mass and fat mass
) and of the photographic comparison (Photographic
The photo detection is performed with special and exclusive instruments made ​​by the parent company and following a protocol that ensures reliability and precision of results.
) to create one’s own images before and after the treatment. The data obtained are inserted into an exclusive computer program which processes them and allows to:
- Display the results obtained with specific graphics to be compared periodically.
- Arrange personalized treatments for each customer
- Create a strong motivation to continue with perseverance the treatment program.
- Give strong credibility and confidence in the method and in the staff.


We evaluate your initial well-being by the body evaluation

The treatments’ planning is done through a careful and personalized body evaluation in order to determine how to act in specific areas of the body.

We customize your metabolic training and reactivate your metabolism

The program of the VIP Center’s customer begins with an initial interview to identify immediately his/her needs. During the next step the technical manager performs a thorough computerized physical evaluation with highly professional tools and which is repeated every ten sessions in order to verify the improvements.

We give you some tips for an healthy diet

With our scientifically tested method it is possible to fully satisfy the needs of people. We also recommend to follow a proper diet with the help of the Nutrition Guide created in collaboration with Dr. Luca Deidda, who ensures to those who attend the VIP Center not only the achievement of the desired results but also their maintenance.