Our method


We evaluate your initial well-being by the body evaluation

The treatments’ planning is done through a careful and personalized body evaluation in order to determine how to act in specific areas of the body.

We customize your metabolic training and reactivate your metabolism

The program of the VIP Center’s customer begins with an initial interview to identify immediately his/her needs. During the next step the technical manager performs a thorough computerized physical evaluation with highly professional tools and which is repeated every ten sessions in order to verify the improvements.

We give you some tips for an healthy diet

With our scientifically tested method it is possible to fully satisfy the needs of people. We also recommend to follow a proper diet with the help of the Nutrition Guide created in collaboration with Dr. Luca Deidda, who ensures to those who attend the VIP Center not only the achievement of the desired results but also their maintenance.

What Metabolic Physiofitness is

It’s the combination of chemical processes that causes important changes into the human organism thanks to the practice of metabolic activities. This kind of customized training is aimed to improve the psychophysical state of the person and to increase the wellness of human being thanks to specific instruments used by a professional team. The technical staff includes Physiofit Instructors, professional figures certified and qualified by the two most important italian authorities in the sport field: Csen and Coni.


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