The VIP Center is a unique method of training to increase the metabolism, for him and for her, distributed since 1996 by the main company Eurofit srl, which guarantees shape’s improvement with tangible results proved by periodic body evaluations. Designed for any type of need, the method is characterized by a series of sessions aimed at slimming, elimination of cellulite, drain, localized and general toning and circulation improvement. The VIP Center’s mission is helping people to improve their psycho-physical well-being at 360° and restoring the joy of having a high self-esteem. Each session becomes a nice relaxing time that gives the body energy and radiance to face the day with success. The results, so concrete and tangible, are the reason why people attend the VIP Center, not only to achieve their own objectives but also to keep them long lasting. The word “VIP” in the brand means Very Important Person because every person who attends the VIP Center is a real VIP, so a very important person. The person is constantly pampered by a professional staff that welcomes and follows him/her during all the steps by putting him/her at the focus of attention with the only aim of satisfying his/her needs.

After a long time, the method has been represented by a new brand: VIP Center, Methabolic Physiofitness centres. The method has been recognized by CSEN, an important Italian authority that promotes the human being’s psychophysical development.

Our values

  • The VIP Center method is based on the complete respect for human physiology, without being invasive and aggressive.
  • The method has been designed to generate well-being.
  • The objective of the method is the satisfaction of the person who will see personally the improvements on his/her body, planned and set up with our operators at the beginning of the activity.
  • The VIP Center staff is trained to be qualified and ready to satisfy all peoples’ needs. Equally important is the comfort conveyed not only by the friendly and helpful staff, but also by the charming atmosphere of the centers.

Vip Center

Our Team