General and localized weight loss

General and localized weight loss

For the rapid decrease of excess fat and the increase of lean body mass the Sinergy Bodylight and the Synergy Professional equipment are used alternately. These devices provide personalized and specific programs for those who want to:

  • Achieve an intensive reduction and have a flat belly
  • Get back in shape with a perfect abdomen after pregnancy
  • Get in shape for summer and reveal your body with ease
  • Remove those annoying love handles from your hips
  • Eliminate localized fat deposits on the inner and outer thighs
  • Reduce the circumference of the hips and gluteus
  • Remove the fat rolls from the abdomen
  • Have more self-esteem to deal with more confidence with career and family
  • Reduce the size and wear the clothes you like most
  • Feel attractive for yourself and your partner

The Bodylight device has been created to treat the specific area of the abdomen. It has five different programs for the intensive reduction and toning of abdomen and hips of men and women. Treatments range from the most oxidative to the most glycolytic one. (continues…)

The different training programs are alternated in order to reduce progressively the thickness of the subcutaneous adipose tissue and at the same time increase the muscle tone. The method is based on the application of stimulation frequencies of the Bodylight device simultaneously with the cardiovascular movement on the VIP BODYLIGHT ELIX that simulates walking. In particular, the Oxilight 1program contains more specific frequencies that stimulate the oxidative metabolism (aerobic); while the Glicolight 3 program contains more elevated frequencies for the glycolytic metabolism stimulation (anaerobic). Performing the treatment in synergy with movement makes each session even more effective and the results are visible since the first treatments, with flat and toned abdomen, outlined hips and firmer skin.

Relaxation area

You can end your metabolic path with specific relaxation sessions. Thanks to these moments of relaxation, each person can:

  • improve one’s own psycho-physical state
  • restore balance and harmony after daily stress
  • completely relax all the muscles
  • enjoy a moment of pleasure and relaxation
  • treat oneself to a deserved rest

The Method also provides an effective and rejuvenating Relaxation Treatment performed by Synergy Professional. This equipment allows the stimulation of energy points of the spine, with pleasantly relaxing modulations. The restful session is made while you are comfortably lying on the bed, the application is done ​​on the back and the treatment is aimed at psychological well-being. (continues…)

The relaxation session can be completed with other services available at the VIP Center such as: Bio-Relaxation Sauna, chromotherapy, Turkish bath, massage on the VIP Massage bed. The Bio-Relaxation Sauna in particular has great advantages and differs from the traditional one for the way in which the heat is released. The vapor produced is not steam generated by heated stones and wet with water, but it is emanated from infrared rays. These rays have important beneficial properties. The Infrared Sauna stimulates the human body to excrete greater amounts of toxins that can be expelled only by means of infrared, and for this characteristic, it has become one of the main symbols of comfort, relaxation and body care. Treatments are carried out on the back and aim at the psycho-physical wellbeing. The application determines a pleasant feeling deriving from the specific wave trains. The effects of these programs are favouring the endogenous production of endorphins, a substance that reduces muscle tensions to obtain a vascularizing effect. This determines an increase in blood circulation, with positive consequences to re-establish normal physiological conditions. The intensity should be adjusted so as to produce a pleasant feeling similar to that of an intense massage.